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    . . . Want to use the Internet to attract clients?
    . . . Want a website and don't know how to start?
    . . . Are you being held hostage by a webmaster?

    Because of the advice you gave me during our strategy session, my web site is now #1 on Google and Yahoo.
           --Ronald Kessler, New York Times
             bestselling author of 15 books

Web Content Coaching/Mentoring
Your website either grabs people's attention or they click off to another site. Would you like them to stay on your site and look around? Would you like them to pick up the phone and hire you or fill out your "contact us form?" Whether you maintain your website yourself or use a webmaster, your website pages need to capture and hold attention or your site is just another truck stop on the Information Superhighway. Whatever your purpose is, your pages need to be magnetic. We'd love to help you turn your site into a customer magnet! To find out more about how web content coaching works, call and let's identify a few steps you can take right away to Magnetize Your Website. 703-262-0361

You will learn how to:

  • identify your target market
  • draw the customers you want to your website
  • make your key ideas POP out of the page
  • make your website a magnet for new business

Storytelling for Business Success
Learn how telling specific types of stories can dramatically increase the response you get from your website or from presentations. For information about our storytelling services, please visit

Website Evaluation
We evaluate your current website for usability, readability, focus, navigation, growth potential, visual appeal and ability to attract visitors. We check the effectiveness of your current site, and suggest ways you can:

  • help your visitors find the information they want
  • turn visitors into customers
  • get better position on search engines
  • help your target market find you

We spend time with you on the phone or in person and explain what your site needs to make it effective. We talk to you in words and concepts you understand and give you easy-to-do tips you can use right away.

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Connection Experts 703-262-0361


Ray and Sally Strackbein
PO Box 710540
Herndon, VA  20171

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Because of the advice you gave me during our strategy session, my web site is now #1 on Google and Yahoo.
   --Ronald Kessler, New York Times bestselling author

If you have a website, or are considering a website, or think you don't even need a website, you had better read this manual. This is the independent professional's doorway to greater visibility, greater impact and greater sales.
   -- Alan Weiss, author of
   "Million Dollar Consulting"