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Ray and Sally Strackbein offer you some resources you need to be successful in your Internet strategy.

CoverMagnetize150Magnetize Your Website! E-Book
Attract the customers who are right for you. E-Book



CD-CoverMagnetizeColorizedMagnetize Your Website!
Attract customers who are right for you.

audio CD

In this recording of a live presentation, Sally and Ray Strackbein give you simple, non-technical tips about what goes on your website to attract customers who are right for you. You get all the information you need to start your own website or take your current website to the next level -- all in plain English."  Audio CD


Website Evaluation
One hour phone consultation with Sally. She will explain how you can get the customers you want to visit your website. Then she will tell you what works and what doesn't on your site and give you specific suggestions to make your site pull in business.
Includes a recording of the session.


Magnetize Your Website -
Content Coaching

Magnetize your website with content that attracts customers who want to do business with you. You get 8 one-hour sessions of phone coaching with Sally.


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Because of the advice you gave me during our strategy session, my web site is now #1 on Google and Yahoo.
   --Ronald Kessler, New York Times bestselling author

If you have a website, or are considering a website, or think you don't even need a website, you had better read this manual. This is the independent professional's doorway to greater visibility, greater impact and greater sales.
   -- Alan Weiss, author of
   "Million Dollar Consulting"