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Ray and Sally Strackbein
Our Story

We work with people who want to attract pre-qualified, compatible partners into their lives and with organizations and businesses who want to attract the best associates, vendors, and customers.

We've been there. We worked with, socialized with, and courted people and businesses that weren't right for us. We worked for the wrong companies. We courted the wrong customers. We joined the wrong organizations because someone told us it was the right thing to do. We thought that more money, more business, or more popularity would solve our problems. We got more and felt like less. We worked harder but became less satisfied. We tried to please others by being what we were not. Sometimes it paid off with great amounts of money or attention, but it didn't feel right. Although rich and popular, and surrounded by the rich and popular, we weren't happy. Both of us married the wrong people. Both of us divorced.

    Then we found each other. Over the past decade, we learned that those same things that helped our personal lives also helped our business and professional lives. Here is our personal story and our professional story.

We found each other on the Internet before most people had even heard of the Internet. We told our stories and we told them in a way that brought us to each other. We embraced our uniqueness and put it out there. We got more than we ever dreamed for.

We know our way around computers and have for a long time, each having programmed computers for business before the PC was invented. As we computerized businesses, we learned about business.

In 1999, Sally put up a website and let it all hang out. It was successful. Perhaps successful is an understatement. It got us international recognition both on TV and in the press. Since then, use our knowledge and expand upon it to help others market themselves using the Internet.

Our strategy is simple:
Explain yourself, what you can do for people, and why you do it. Business people who adopt our strategy succeed. One business owner tells us that most of her new business came from the phonebook. That is now eclipsed by the website we created for her. She tells us that 75% of her new business comes from her website.

While we were creating websites for people, we discovered we were spending far more time coaxing the right content from business owners than in actually constructing their websites. Now we focus on helping you create the website content to attract the people who are right for you in business and in life.

--Ray and Sally Strackbein


Ray and Sally Strackbein
PO Box 710540
Herndon, VA  20171

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Because of the advice you gave me during our strategy session, my web site is now #1 on Google and Yahoo.
   --Ronald Kessler, New York Times bestselling author

If you have a website, or are considering a website, or think you don't even need a website, you had better read this manual. This is the independent professional's doorway to greater visibility, greater impact and greater sales.
   -- Alan Weiss, author of
   "Million Dollar Consulting"